Why you should subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium – Part Four

Posted on June 2, 2017 by in Cheap flights, Mighty Travels Premium

Mighty Travels Premium

With our new weekly post, we let you know the different reasons why you should subscribe to Mighty Travels PremiumPart Four is all about using the spreadsheets we give you as part of the package.  

With Mighty Travels Premium, we are looking at up to 450,000 million fares every day and extract just about 2,000 every day that are bookable and that we consider a deal (based on historic averages and based on CPM – Cents Per Mile).

You can search through these on our Deals Dashboard as well as the spreadsheets that you get with a Premium subscription, and you even receive texts for deals we don’t think you should miss – all for one great price of $7.99 per month.

We recently let you know how to use the Deals Dashboard to find airfare deals to a specific region of the world, all about the texts that you get, and even how to use the Dashboard to search for flights on your favorite airline! We’ll be giving you more tips in the coming weeks, but this post is all about the spreadsheets that you get with a Premium subscription…

When you join Premium, we send you a combination of links to our spreadsheets that have all flight deals sorted by CPM. Each link is a download to a specific set of deals that is updated daily in the morning hours (Pacific Time).

When you click the link to open the file in Excel or OpenOffice (which we recommend) you will see something like this (in this case, a list of round-trip worldwide business class flights):

Mighty Travels Premium

All the fares listed were bookable when released. The prices indicated include all taxes and fees and there are usually 7 seats available.

You can download and check out the sample spreadsheet here. To quickly check real-time availability and book via a spreadsheet, we provide deep links to various booking sites. With a non-sample spreadsheet you would simply click on the link and it would then take you to links to book on Momondo, Kayak, Skyscanner and more (including a direct link to an airline’s booking site at times).

Just from this recent spreadsheet, you can see that this part of the package is another great reason to subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium.

Sign up for a Premium subscription here for just $7.99 a month. You can cancel at any time and we even offer a money-back guarantee! However…

We’ve now hit more than 1,000 Premium subscribers!

subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium

To celebrate, new subscribers can get one month of Premium for FREE, when signing up between June 1st and June 10th, 2017!

Read all about our great freebie here