Really good Southwest sale (and we mean it!), Amex offers for your summer hotel stays, will United be the world’s best airline?, guess the cost of the BA outage

Posted on June 15, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

– Southwest has way too many sales – so we just don’t post them here but this one for their 46th birthday seems better than others

– American Express has a number of new offers for JW Marriott, Hilton and other hotel chains – I got targeted for $60 off $300 at any US Hilton

– believe it or not but Easyjet is seriously interested in Alitalia – I wonder what they gonna do with it?

– Oscar Munoz does what he does best – give an upbeat message and inspire optimism

I flew United a number of times this year and saw a much improved operational record. Employees have lost their usual negativity and some even provided real customer service. The on-time performance was fantastic despite other airlines (incl. Delta) suffering major delays.

I think United has a real shot in the next 18 months to pull ahead of American and Delta with their much better route network and stronger alliance partners.

– funny how every comes up with $100 million as a cost for the BA outage – seems like a safe number

This also shows us how big an airline business is if a single weekend is $100 in revenue. Airlines are an ‘oil business’.