US Bank Altitude lifting off, improved Alaska card offer, Bangkok flight in turbulence, Delta catches fires, Kenya coming to the US & more!

Posted on May 1, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

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– the new U.S. Bank Altitude card is now live and you can apply right here.

The card is supposedly only open to existing U.S. bank customers but the public application link looks exactly the same as when you go through the U.S. Bank customer service interface. There is no mention of this requirement on the public application link.

I just applied and got a pending message. Apparently if you only have a credit card (like me) the computer says ‘no existing relationship’ (it seems to only look into checking/ savings accounts). I called the US Bank reconsideration line at 800 947-1444 and the friendly agent knew the problem and set up the application within seconds for another review and a decision is supposed to be made within 24 hours. We did not talk about credit – this might be another re-consideration call later.

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– Bank of America and Alaska Airlines have improved their companion offer if you sign up for an Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan credit card in May or June

Buy one ticket, get one for just the taxes and fees ($0 fare plus taxes and fees from just $22) after you make $1,000 or more in purchases within the first 90 days of your account opening

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– an Aeroflot 777 got in some major clean air turbulence last night about one hour North of Bangkok

The shaking was so quick and violent that several passengers had to be hospitalized after their arrival.

While sudden clean air turbulence can occur anytime the area west of Bangkok is a major turbulence hub. Another one is south/ south-east of Japan which always seems to deliver lost of turbulence. The biggest turbulence I ever had was actually over Scotland on a late fall day.

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– DL188 flying from Beijing had an engine fire (that seemed to be contained easily though) and returned to the airport without further incident

– Kenya Airways is finally coming to the US on their own planes – let’s hope its more than just JFK

– Swiss and Lufthansa abandon the two person cockpit rule – you’ll never guess the reason – safety!

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– if you fly a lot on AirBerlin this promotion might be helpful – up to 13,000 miles – let’s hope Air Berlin is around long enough to make use of those!