First peek into the LAX Private Suite, the world’s coolest private jet, Azur Air to launch, Qatar Airways to improve stopover package, world’s most exotic co-working spaces

Posted on May 4, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

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– Travel+Leisure has the first pictures (though they look like renderings) for the L.A. Private Suite service

According to The Private Suite, clients will only have to take 70 steps from the time they get out of their car until the time they board their plane. For the rest of us, that number is about 2,200.

But luxury travel does not come cheap. The cost is $3,500 for domestic flights and $4,000 for international. The price covers three passengers, so VIPs can travel with a small entourage.

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The price tag is truly shocking but it will guarantee to keep the private suite exclusive.

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– this brand new 787 is likely one of the worlds coolest private jets now

WELCOME to the world’s largest and most luxurious private jet – The VVIP Dreamliner B787 Dreamjet, which is currently taking up space at Stansted Airport.

The huge aircraft , dubbed ‘the flying pentouse’ features an entertainment and study lounge, dedicated dining spaces, an en-suite master bedroom with a 42-inch TV, a dressing room and an enormous hotel-style bathroom complete with a shower.

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– despite the tough environment for aviation in Germany – Azur Air (not to be mistaken with Azul!) is planning to launch short and long haul leisure flights this year

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– is Japan running out of ninjas?

But now it seems that Japan is suffering from a sudden shortage of martial arts experts who can continue the cultural tradition.

It comes after a boom in inbound tourism caused demand for ninja warrior live shows to soar, out-stripping supply.

– Qatar Airways is improving their stopover service this summer

Keep in mind that to take advantage of this offer you need to have your tickets issued on Qatar ticket stock (i.e. no award tickets, no partner codeshares) and for the visa apply well in advance (it’s free tough).

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– I’m not a big fan of co-working spaces – but those are some of the world’s most exotic