Oscar Munoz reaction to the United Abyss, is the China Airlines A350 the real deal?, Pegasus predicts Turkish aviation recovery

– Oscar Munoz has replied in an internal letter to the incident on United 1341 – there is more to the story as we all suspected

Removing passengers forcibly is asking for trouble – especially if a passengers is already enraged. Any airline must see that and the obvious alternative is to raise teh bid until someone gives up their seat. Now this can be ‘gamed’ if a large number of passengers does this – but worst case the flight should be cancelled.

Airline Credit Cards

As bad as the outcome is – I am always amazed how much ‘outrage’ and ‘anger’ you can see on Twitter – this story seems like many Twitter users just wait for a chance to throw someone into the Abyss. This time it is United – an airline that transports 23 million people a year – most of them unharmed 🙂

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Airline Credit Cards

– TheDesignAir review their flight on the China Airlines A350 and is very impressed – I have several flights during summer coming up on China Airlines A350 – I’m excited!

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– is there light at the end of the Turkish airline recession? Pegasus thinks so