New electronics ban from Europe?, Alaska Airlines buy miles 40% bonus, Air France in trouble over Bogota takeoffs, South African to expand transcon flights?, Nigerian Naira to float finally?

Posted on April 25, 2017 by in Travel Deals

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– the electronics ban that was implemented for Middle Eastern departure may soon be extended to Europe

– Alaska Airlines has another 40% bonus sales when you are buying miles

– Air France is under investigation because their A340 took much more than allotted runway when taking off in Bogota’s thin air (were they overloaded?)

– South African Airways is considering direct flights from a number of Southern African capitals to the US and Europe

“We are talking to other markets in Africa,” he said. “We are talking to Zimbabwe about Harare-London, to Zambia about Lusaka-London and to Uganda about Entebbe-London. It’s been very well received. The Ghanaian government has been exceptionally supportive and the government of Uganda has approached us, asking what they need to do to fast-track the process. The Zimbabwean government is cooperating with us very well and the same with Zambia. We overfly most of these markets from Johannesburg O.R. Tambo, so it makes sense for us to drop in capacity as we go.”

– will the Nigerian Naira finally be allowed to float If so Lagos might become quite a budget destination?