Azul Europe – Brazil $1,000 in Business Class, Air Berlin in trouble, Alitalia in more hot water, Amex dropping 50% Pay with points, St Helena with more options and is Jetstar the world’s worst airline?

Posted on April 28, 2017 by in Travel Deals

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– Azul has some really good Business Class fares from Madrid to Sao Paulo right now (they just launched) for ~$1,000 Round Trip (HT Flyertalk)

– it was a long time coming but it seems Alitalia and Air Berlin are getting ready to cease operations in its current form soon

Airberlin has reported a €781.9 million loss ($824 million) in 2016, deepened from a €446.6 million loss in the year-ago period.

Germany’s second largest carrier said that 2016 and 1Q 2017 were dominated by the transition to a new business model. The old business model and high restructuring costs had a huge impact on last year’s results.

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– Lufthansa has no interest to buy Alitalia in its current form – Europe’s largest airline has its hands full staying profitable in the low yield environment that running an airline is in Europe

– More airlines are interested in St. Helena – let’s see if it will finally happen

American Express is changing the 50% Pay with Points rebate to 35% which will now posts even later

This is sad news for Business Platinum card holders – seem it was too good to be true (most rewards programs offer 1.2-1.5 cents per mile)

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AirfareWatchdog runs a story about the rise of pod hotels and pod lounges that are a great idea for busy airports

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– Aussies and Kiwis think Jetstar is the world’s worst airline

I wasn’t enthused when I did my Review for Jetstar – but the world’s worst is taking it too far.