Air Arabia sale, a Singapore Category 2 Hilton hotel, WOW air starts Chicago, are annual fees refundable?, another argument to not book Turkish Airlines again

Air Arabia is back with their sale with fares starting $27 to destinations like Beirut, Alexandria, Doha and Kuwait

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Airline Credit Cards

– there is a Garden Inn by Hilton coming to Singapore and it is just 10,000 points per night (Category 2) (HT LoyaltyLobby)

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Airline Credit Cards

WOW air is coming to Chicago and Round Trips to Keflavik and beyond can be had for as little as $249

– the Wall Street Journal runs a story that 80% of annual fees on credit cards can be refunded if you complain

While I had great success to get late payment fees refunded I have yet to succeed to get a full waiver on my credit card annual fees. Maybe I’m missing something?

– if you need another argument to NOT Turkish Airlines again – look at this report to get a refund (for a cancellation within 24 hours)