Amex Black Card and Platinum cardholders, read the rumors about PHL’s new Centurion Lounge

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What’s the rumors for Amex Black Card and Platinum cardholders?

We let you know in January this year that Philadelphia International Airport will be adding an American Express Centurion Lounge. We’ve reviewed Centurion lounges before, including the ones in San Francisco (pictured above), Mexico City and Dallas Forth Worth. In the US, you can also currently find Centurion Lounges in Houston, Las Vegas, New York, Miami and Seattle. Plus in the coming months a lounge will be introduced to HKG’s Terminal 1.

The new premium lounge at PHL is due to open in August 2017, with construction starting later this month. Readers have been speculating as to where in the airport it will be sited and if it could open sooner than planned.

Well, according to reddit user aussiecoffee, the new Centurion Lounge will be on the mezzanine level, right above the Terminal A-West British Airways Galleries Club Lounge and work could be completed by the end of March!

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The BA Lounge at PHL is located here, near Gate A14:

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In the reddit post, aussiecoffee states that the information has been provided by reliable sources who work at PHL and added that the lounge will be located on the secure side, past the TSA Security Checkpoint. This will mean there will be no need for a pesky re-screen before you fly.

The news about the lounge’s location had already been posted on reddit recently, letting others know that it will be 5,500 square feet in size, with a sit-down bar, food buffet, self-serve drink bar and a small room for phone calls, as well as six bathrooms and one shower room.

The American Express press release instead stated that the new Centurion Lounge at Philadelphia International Airport will actually be 6,300 square feet, adding that there will be floor-to-ceiling windows, free WiFi and noise-buffering workspaces.

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The surprising extra piece of information on aussiecoffee’s post is that the PHL Centurion Lounge is set to open at the end of March rather than August as it stated in the press release. Whether the work can be completed within just a month remains to be seen, however.

How do I get the Amex Black Card and Platinum cardholders deal?

For complimentary access to a Centurion Lounge, you’ll need to own either the coveted Amex Black Card or an Amex Platinum. You’ll also need to show a boarding pass for same-day travel and government-issued ID.

What else do I need to know about the Amex Black Card and Platinum cardholders deal?

Subject to space availability, all other American Express cardmembers are eligible to purchase daily lounge access for $50 per day.