$5 Wingz coupon, Singapore Airlines new planes, Trump takes on the aviation industry, Air France to set up Boost LCC, Crystal Visa Inifinite 70,000 Bonus offer

Posted on February 9, 2017 by in Travel Deals

– Uber and Lyft competitor Wingz has a new $5 coupon (that stacks with our referral link to $10 off) – use code HEART

– Singapore Airlines has pulled the plug on new Boeing orders as most of their A380 come off their leases

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has significantly boosted its widebody aircraft order book after announcing a new deal with Boeing covering up to 51 aircraft. The carrier has agreed to firm orders for 20 Boeing 777-9s and 19 Boeing 787-10s, along with six options for each type. This will represent SIA’s first order for the next-generation 777, and the airline is adding to its existing orders for 30 of the 787-10s. The 777-9s are due for delivery from the 2021–22 fiscal year…

It seems Singapore Airlines wasn’t too happy with the A350 and is ready to accept the slightly shorter range of the 777-9 at 8,200 miles. The new Boeing 787-10s will open up a number of new destinations as the range is what Singapore Airlines needs for new route at 9,200 miles.

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– See the somewhat puzzled lady in the picture above – this is the LAX representative as Trump tells aviation industry representatives that we have a ‘Third World’ airport infrastructure (true enough for many coastal airports)

There seems also broad agreement that a new ATC system can get more planes in the air. No news on the restrictions of ME3 airlines that Delta/ American/ United want – let’s hope we can see more competition – not less.

– Air France has revealed more details about their new LCC that is apparently based on great leasing rates for A250s

The French airline revealed plans for Boost—a working title, as its permanent brand has yet to be chosen—in 2016 as part of a wider strategic turnaround plan.

Air France was due to present a proposal regarding Boost to its pilots’ union Feb. 9 after long negotiations, and was hoping for an answer by the end of the month, Chief Operating Officer Alain-Herve Bernard said at a conference at Air France-KLM’s Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport hub.

Bernard said the airline was considering using Airbus A350s, which are due to enter its fleet in 2019, on the long-haul routes, although other aircraft are also being considered, particularly at the start of operations. Airbus A320s will serve the medium-haul destinations. Long-haul operations should number 10 aircraft by 2020, while 15–18 aircraft will serve medium-haul destinations.

– Crystal Infinite Bank has a new 70,000 sign-up bonus in branch for their Visa Infinite card (HT MilestoMemories)

This card is great as the annual fee is waived in year one and besides the excellent sign up bonus you can get $1,000 (for all authorized user) in airline incidental charges reimbursed. The approval process usually needs a W2 or 6 months of paystub.