Should you ignore Allegiant Air reviews and grab a cheap flight?

Posted on January 21, 2017 by in Cheap flights

Allegiant Air reviews

What’s the scoop on the Allegiant Air reviews?

This low-cost airline seems to get lots of negative reviews, from reportedly late flights to poor customer service. While the flight prices initially seem great deals, many people tend to think that Allegiant Air is just not worth the hassle. While the airline certainly has low prices, it also attracts a high amount of complaints, so we had a look to see why.

The airfarewatchdog site mainly features positive reviews from a handful of customers who state that Allegiant is worth the price paid, despite experiencing various issues including:

  • Late departures
  • Flights being too cold
  • Uncomfortable seats
  • Flights only available on certain days
  • Rude staff
  • No free on-board food or drink

The overall view here, however, is that as long as you are aware of Allegiant’s baggage costs and flight rules, then the cheap flights are worth putting up with any such problems.

There’s more than 1,880 reviews on tripadvisor for Allegiant, which vary between customers who praise the low prices and tolerate any issues and furious people who will never fly the airline again for reasons such as:

  • Terrible customer care
  • Huge travel delays
  • Being nickel and dimed
  • Time-consuming check-in

and there’s even one review from a horrified passenger who recently experienced a fire in the back of the plane where the flight attendants didn’t know what to do…

Should I ignore the Allegiant Air reviews?

You should weigh up the cost of your flight with the potential cost of issues that could spoil your trip. While the above problems could of course happen with any flight, they do occur more with Allegiant and are often complained about by Allegiant passengers, so you take a higher risk when you book a flight with them. You may want to keep your expectations low with this airline.

You may want to take some bad reviews with a pinch of salt, though, such as complaints about being nickle and dimed. Allegiant is very transparent about its add-on fees so potential customers who don’t take the time to quickly check these before booking shouldn’t really complain about them afterwards.

Allegiant Air reviews

You can get a pretty cheap flight with this airline if you don’t need hold baggage, take your own food and drink on-board, pay with a debit card and don’t care where you sit.

What’s the deal with the cheap Allegiant Air flights?

Allegiant Air reviews

Right now, there’s one-way fares nationwide from just $31 on select dates in February, 2017, including taxes, carrier charges & government fees! You need to get your skates on, though, as the offer ends January 23rd, 2017.