Emirates does Athens – Newark, James Hogan to retire, AirAsia to start US flights?

Posted on January 24, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

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– Emirates has gotten permission to fly Athens to Newark as a ‘tag-on’ flight from the European authorities – US airlines do all they can to not let Emirates have another fifth freedom route

– major news is James Hogan will retire as Etihad CEO soon – is that a sign that the Lufthansa deal will happen soon?

– Air Asia X has gotten regulatory approval for flights to the US and may plan an Honolulu – Kuala Lumpur service soon

Malaysian low-cost carrier AirAsia X has been given permission to launch its first ever flights to the US.

The US Federal Aviation Authority has allowed it to fly to any destination within the country.

The airline has not confirmed routes but said it is considering flying to several US states, including Hawaii.

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– a major trafficking ring has been able to smuggle passengers out of Dublin airport without immigration (Or anyone else) noticing for some time