Updated Marriott Corporate Rate Code List for November 2016

Posted on November 24, 2016 by in Corporate Codes, Marriott Rewards Points

Marriott Corporate Rate Code

What’s the Marriott Corporate Rate Code List?

Marriott is one of many big travel brands that negotiates a discount for a corporation’s employees. If a company has a large footprint in the hotel area then the discount is likely to be bigger and the reverse is also true. If you’re a corporate traveler, you can frequently benefit from cheaper stays at Marriott properties by booking your stay in advance online using a particular code. These rates are generally stated as strictly only for corporate use by employees, who may well need relevant ID when checking in.

We recently published a list of Marriott corporate codes and compared those rates with booking on Marriott without a corporate code. Some codes only work with certain properties and on particular dates, so we wanted to try another test booking to see what kind of discount you can get elsewhere.

How do I use the Marriott Corporate Rate Code List?

You can easily add the code to your online reservation from the Marriott homepage; when you click on the ‘Find hotels and member rates’ box to enter your destination, it shows you the option for ‘Special Rates’, where you can then enter your ‘Corporate/promo code’:

Marriott Corporate Rate Code

For our tests, we chose a one-night stay at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center in Ohio on April 17th, 2017. It comes out at $199 for the non-member Flexible Rate or $195 for the Marriott Rewards member rate:

Marriott Corporate Rate Code

Similar to last time, some of the codes we tried for our test booking worked to give us a discount off the member rate:

  • GEE General Electric $139 – save 29% ($56)
  • IBM IBM $149 – save 24% ($46)
  • PEP Pepsi $149 – save 24% ($46)
  • UAL United Airlines $149 – save 24% ($46)
  • SIE Siemens $154 – save 21% ($41)
  • ACC Accenture $169 – save 13% ($26)
  • APL Apple $179 – save 8% ($16)
  • GMC General Motors $179 – save 8% ($16)
  • NIS Nissan Corporation $179 – save 8% ($16)
  • PRU Prudential $179 – save 8% ($16)

However, also just like last time, the corporate rate was not available for our test booking with most of the codes that we tried:

  • COK Coca-Cola
  • FRD Ford
  • PHI Philips
  • NCY National City Bank
  • CDH Cardinal Health
  • AMX American Express
  • FED FedEx
  • FLT Fleet Bank
  • NOR Northrup Grumann
  • SPR Sprint
  • UPS United Parcel Service
  • CFA Chick Fil A
  • SHL Shell
  • JPM JP Morgan
  • DBK Deutsche Bank
  • LGM Legg Mason
  • LOW Lowes
  • NOV Novell Pharmacy
  • DLA Delta
  • DIS Disney
  • GDA General Dynamics

When using any of these following codes, this particular booking works out more expensive than the usual Marriott Rewards member rate:

  • CIT Citigroup $199 (2% more – $4 more)
  • ATT AT&T $499 (156% more – $304 more!)
  • DEL Dell $499 (156% more – $304 more!)

Marriott Corporate Rate Code

What else do I need to know about the Marriott Corporate Rate Code List?

It’s always useful to compare the corporate rate you’re using with other rates on the Marriott website, so you can see exactly how much of a discount you’re getting. In our last comparison article, the biggest discount we found was 45% off, but it was 29% off with this test booking. Plus in our last article, it was 26% more expensive when using the corporate code for GDA (which was the most expensive rate we found) but with this test booking, both AT&T and Dell employees pay a whopping 156% more when using a code!

Don’t assume that a corporate code is defunct if it doesn’t work for your booking, as with this hotel brand it depends on several factors; your YMMV depending on the property, dates and availability, so if your travel plans are flexible, try another search with your company’s corporate code. For instance, the rate was unavailable using the Siemens code in our last test, but saved us $41 in our new test booking.

Keep in mind that Marriott can be vigilant about codes being abused and if you try to check in without proof that you are entitled to use a corporate code, you could lose your place to stay or end up having to pay the rack rate instead!