Updated Hyatt Corporate Rate Code List for November 2016

Posted on November 10, 2016 by in Corporate Codes, World of Hyatt

Hyatt Corporate Rate Code

What’s the Hyatt Corporate Rate Code List?

Hyatt Hotels is one of many big travel brands that negotiates a discount for a corporation’s employees. If a company has a large footprint in the hotel area then the discount is likely to be bigger and the reverse is also true. If you’re a corporate traveler, you can frequently benefit from cheaper stays at Hyatt properties by booking your stay in advance online using a particular code. These rates are generally stated as strictly only for corporate use by employees, who may well need relevant ID when checking in.

We recently published a list of Hyatt corporate codes and compared those rates with booking on Hyatt without a corporate code. Some codes only work with certain properties and on particular dates, so we wanted to try another test booking to see what kind of discount you can get elsewhere.

How do I use the Hyatt Corporate Rate Code List?

If your organization has a preferred corporate account with Hyatt, it’s easy to add the code to your online reservation. Click on the ‘Special Rates’ box, choose ‘Corporate or Group Code’ and then enter the code:

Hyatt Corporate Rate Code

For our tests, we chose one night at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati on May 23rd, 2017. It comes out at $229 plus tax for the Standard Rate or $218 plus tax for the member rate:

Hyatt Corporate Rate Code

The standard rate and the Hyatt Gold Passport member rate are flexible in this case, as you can cancel 24 hours prior.

Like last time, most of the codes we tried worked to give us a discount off the member rate for our test booking:

  • 13307 GE International $161 – save 26% ($57)
  • 52730 Oracle Taiwan $163 – save 25% ($55)
  • 13717 IBM $195 – save 11% ($23)
  • 27505 Standard Charter $195 – save 11% ($23)
  • 52718 IBM Taiwan $195 – save 11% ($23)
  • 88762 BP International $195 – save 11% ($23)
  • 90010 Li & Fung $207 – save 5% ($11)
  • 57039 Samsung $207 – save 5% ($11)
  • 12624 Credit Suisse $207 – save 5% ($11)
  • 17500 AAA $207 – save 5% ($11)
  • 15985 AAA $207 – save 5% ($11)
  • 17497 Senior Citizen (62+) $207 – save 5% ($11)
  • 34235 Honda $207 – save 5% ($11)
  • 34251 Samsung Korea $207 – save 5% ($11)
  • 24560 Samsung $207 – save 5% ($11)
  • 16000 Converse $207 – save 5% ($11)
  • 88650 Hitachi Ltd $207 – save 5% ($11)

The following codes all worked to give us the same price as the Hyatt Gold Passport member rate:

Surprisingly, these codes didn’t work for this booking, although they worked for our last test booking:

What else do I need to know about the Hyatt Corporate Rate Code List?

It’s always useful to compare the corporate rate you’re using with other rates on the Hyatt website, so you can see exactly how much of a discount you’re getting. In our last comparison article, the biggest discount was 12% off the Standard Flexible Rate for Gold Passport members for a stay at the Pike Long Beach Hyatt Centric hotel in California on November 7th, 2016. In our new test booking, the discount is more than twice this for GE and Oracle employees, at 26% and 25% respectively, for a stay at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati on May 23rd, 2017.

Most corporate codes gave us just a 5% discount off the member rate.

Don’t assume that a corporate code is defunct if it doesn’t work for your booking, as with this hotel brand it depends on several factors; your YMMV depending on the property, dates and availability, so if your travel plans are flexible, try another search with your company’s corporate code. For instance, Oracle’s code gave us no discount in our last test, but in this test, employees get 25% off:


Keep in mind that Hyatt can be vigilant about codes being abused and if you try to check in without proof that you are entitled to use a corporate code, you could lose your place to stay or end up having to pay the rack rate instead!