Ryanair comes to FRA, Qatar 96 hour visa waiver now active, Nigeria comes clean on airlines’ money

Posted on November 2, 2016 by in Travel Industry Flight Status


RyanAir is building a base in Frankfurt – no not Hahn airport but FRA airport

It’s just two planes and more PR stunt than anything making a dent but Lufthansa CEO is spooked already and was nice enough to go on the air right away.

– Nigeria has released 300 million of the 600 million airline cash stuck in Nigeria

Just before my trip to Lagos in July the Nigerian government decided to have the Naira float more freely so it’s not clear at what exchange rate this money was earned/ released.


– the Qatar government has green-lighted the visa-free entry for 96 hours into Qatar – which took effect November 1st

This is great news but keep in mind that this seems to only apply if you fly Qatar Airways. Doha isn’t a very interesting place, yet – but at least now you can save $30 for that airport hotel.

Passengers of Qatar Airways with layovers of five hours or more in Hamad International Airport can avail of free transit visas granting them up to 96 hours to explore Qatar.