United award changes, Wyndham’s failed promo, 500 free Virgin Elevate, cool Travelocity and Expedia coupons & more

Posted on October 11, 2016 by in Travel Agent Rate, Travel Industry Flight Status

– United Mileage Plus has added changes to their booking engine that break one award into several awards (that all price out individually) UNLESS the booking engine finds that route

United Mileage Plus has received a lot of scorn since it confirmed that as a feature (not a bug). I had wondered about something similar back in March when I booked a number of awards and found dealing with the agents really difficult.

While it obviously limits us now to what united.com brings up in a search, it also levels the playing field and nobody is tempted to spend hours and hours with agents for nothing anymore.

I have booked almost all my United awards online for some time now and really have not found much enjoyment dealing with the agents – there are plenty of great value awards left when using the booking engine as is.

It would have been smarter for United to add this feature with an award sale.

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– lots of hoopla about nothing with Wyndham’s promotion earlier today – the promotion was cancelled before it even started with a lot of folks making up screen shots about Starwood points donated to charity and the Wyndham points they wanted to earn – lesson learned for Wyndham

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– Virgin has yet another 500 points for a free newsletter registration – will that ever stop?

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Travelocity has a $100 coupon off $300+ in hotel bookings – just apply ONEBIGDAY100

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– not to be outdone Expedia has a $50 off $200+ hotels booking coupon called AUTUMN50

Turkish Airlines is putting 167 Airbus and Boeing deliveries on hold – after years with too few aircraft the airline now has too many

– 5 old Emirates 777 have found their way to Rossiya the discount operator that’s part of Aeroflot – it was issued by a Putin decree – no surprise there