The trick to book cheaper flights with Norwegian and how I just booked a birthday trip to Stockholm for $285 RT

Posted on September 21, 2016 by in Cheap flights Norwegian

I really liked my experience in Stockholm (Things to Do) last month and my quick trip with Norwegian from Tromso to Edinburgh.

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Norwegian frequently shows up with our real time deal alerts on Twitter so I checked prices on (the US website of Norwegian Air Shuttle) for a quick trip to Stockholm and Riga after Thanksgiving.

This is the list for one-way trips from Oakland to Stockholm – that’s already a pretty good price and it is available on many dates.

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But here is what happened when I made the same search on the German or Norwegian website. Prices were another $20-$40 cheaper per flight using the official exchange rate compared to the US website!

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MightyTravels 2016-09-21 at 2.44.33 PM

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This is a consistent theme as many readers keep telling me. Norwegian prices differently per country and as we know the US Economy is doing much better than the European – so prices are higher on the US website. Norwegian is no exception – on Expedia prices are four times as much what they are on!

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Another interesting fact is how cheap flights from Stockholm to many destinations have become on SAS (which is in the midst of fighting Norwegian). EUR 22 will get you almost anywhere in the region from Stockholm now (at off peak times). That’s pretty amazing!