Holiday Inn Express Edinburgh Airport Review

Posted on August 5, 2016 by in Hotel Reviews, IHG Rewards Club

Update: I contacted IHG on Twitter which offered to contact the property on my behalf. The property never replied but the Twitter team sent 10k points my way a few days later – great customer service from the Twitter team!


Edinburgh during summer is an expensive place. It’s hard to find hotels under £200, so I thought a night at the Holiday Inn Express Edinburgh Airport redeeming 20,000 points would be a good idea. The cash price was £160 for the night in question. However, it turned out to be a terrible idea.

We arrived around 10PM using the shuttle from the airport (we later realized it was a paid shuttle, costing £2.50 per person).

Check-in was friendly, but while Platinum status was recognized, no upgrade was available. Well, most rooms are the same here anyways. We got a renovated room (apparently) on the first floor – right above the beautiful lobby area.

The room was terrible; it was tiny, the bed was small and the mattress was absurdly soft. To make matters worse, the hotel has no air conditioning and the windows barely open. If you open them, the plane and traffic noise makes you jump out of bed. If you close them, you drown in your own sweat. This wasn’t a hot day… so who designs such hotels???


I spoke to the front desk but all rooms were apparently sold out. The GM never responded to my emails (not even to this day) and it was just a miserable night.

Breakfast in the morning was OK – lots of items, but the quality was low.



So, don’t sleep here at any cost unless it is in the middle of the winter and you can cool yourself down easily. Also, plan to sleep on the floor as the beds are useless. The floors are pretty dirty and small though, so take a mattress and a sleeping bag (oh wait, you can just save yourself the hassle of checking in here entirely).

In their defense, I have to say that the bathroom was nice and huge, but the airport shuttle that takes less than 3 minutes should not cost £2.50.

I want my 20,000 points back. What a disappointing ‘brand standard’ hotel!

1.5 / 5 stars