G&V Royal Mile Hotel Edinburgh Quorvus Collection Review

Posted on August 9, 2016 by in Club Carlson / Radisson, Hotel Reviews


For our last night in Edinburgh, I had selected the G&V Hotel, a Quorvus Collection property and member of Club Carlson. Quorvus Collection is a new Carlson brand and features only a handful of properties right now. The G&V Hotel is just up the road from the Radisson Blu Edinburgh and rates were around $220 during the time of my stay.

We showed up for check-in at noon and no room was available. We had done the pre-check, so it was just odd. Any question from us would be countered with another question by the front desk attendant. She wasn’t rude but just completely unwilling to help right away. It was strange and felt more like a debate club than a hotel check-in.

She offered to call us when a room was available. I mentioned that my number does not work overseas, but text does, so she could text us. She said it wasn’t a problem and promised to text us asap. Of course no text appeared and at 3PM we returned to the SAME agent, who told us that she had tried to call us, but it didn’t work so she could not text us. Just two hours earlier she had acknowledged that my calls would not work and that a text would not an issue. I was perplexed.

The room itself was small but in fantastic shape; think W Hotels meets Radisson Blu. There clearly had been a lot of design work going into this.




The bathroom was in black and red colors and worked like a charm. It had a rain shower with lots of pressure and it actually drained – OMG!



The mattress was a bit soft but not terribly so and the sheets were too rough.

There was a Nespresso coffee maker, though it required 30 minutes of studying to make it work.


The best part of the room was the full-size windows, which allowed awesome views towards the Royal Mile and the adjacent street.


The room had good noise insulation – no street noise was audible except for the bagpipe players, who play non-stop during daylight hours.

After the previous interactions, I was hesitant to talk to any of the staff – they just seemed to want to be difficult (hello again W Hotels!) After some more back and forth, I learned that all the water in the minibar (several bottles incl. sparkling water) were complimentary. That was a nice treat!

I went down to the gym, which was simply a regular room with a few cardio machines – oops!

I found it annoying that we got yelled at by the hotel entrance – it was meant as a friendly hi, but just came out wrong. This happened every time we entered the building. So odd.

Since we would not be able to make breakfast, I asked if we could each get a breakfast box. It wasn’t an issue, so we ordered several items. At check-out at 5.30AM, to our surprise it was ready. However, the contents of the boxes had nothing to do with our order, so either they got the order wrong or it was just a standard set (although who eats 3 huge pastries in the morning?) It was of very good quality, though, so we did not mind.

So, in conclusion, this is a beautiful hotel that focuses on room quality and design to wow guests. The location is fantastic for anything in Edinburgh. Nevertheless,  it’s way too much like a W Hotel and the staff would be better served being helpful than by being cool and withdrawn.

You can book the G&V Royal Mile Hotel Edinburgh here.

3.5 / 5 stars