Walmart send money anywhere, from anywhere using MoneyGram

Posted on April 8, 2016 by in Travel Deals

Walmart send money

What’s the scoop with Walmart send money anywhere?

Did you know that you can use the Walmart Money Center to transfer money online, as well as in-store? You can transfer cash to both domestic and international destinations from the comfort of your own home or office or in-store with one of the following ways:

  • Send money online to any US Walmart store using the MoneyGram service.
  • Send money online to any Walmart store in Puerto Rico using the MoneyGram service.
  • Send money online from the US to the US or more than 190 countries using the MoneyGram service – even to a domestic or international bank account.
  • Send money in-store at Walmart to another store in the US or Puerto Rico.
  • Send money in-store at Walmart to MoneyGram agent locations around the world.

Walmart send money

If you send cash online, there are 10-minute, 4-hour and same-day transfer options, depending on the destination.

Transferring cash with Walmart is a simple and relatively cheap option, and can also be super-fast. When sending $500 online to a MoneyGram agent in Mexico using Walmart, the fee is currently $6.65 for the 10-minute service when paying with a credit or debit card:

Walmart send money

The money arrives in minutes subject to agent operating hours, availability and local laws.

The current fee for sending $500 online to an agent in Mexico using Western Union is slightly more at $7 when paying with a credit or debit card for the option of the money being received in minutes. You could instead pay a fee of $4 by using your own bank’s bill-pay service (known as WU Pay, which takes a few days) or $4 by using bank account transfer, which also takes a few days:

Walmart send money

With Walmart, you can also transfer money direct from your checking account and the new lower fees for sending money domestically using MoneyGram were recently announced:

  • Send up to $50 for just $4.75
  • Send $51 to $900 for just $11.50
  • Send over $900 for a fee of just 2% of the total amount

Walmart send money

How do I use the Walmart send money anywhere service?

If you want to use the in-store service, you can first search for a Walmart with a Money Center or check with your local store.

If you’d rather use the online service, check out this page.

What else do I need to know about Walmart send money anywhere?

It’s worth shopping around before using one particular service when transferring cash anywhere. What’s your favorite way to save money when sending money?

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