Newsroom March 24th – Virgin America to sell itself, go to Seoul for $429 RT (from San Francisco)

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Virgin America has apparently gotten a call from a potential buyer – airlines are suddenly such great businesses!

Here’s what Richard Branson says about Virgin America – see how simple it is to launch a new company!

“The American airline system, 10 years ago, didn’t have a decent airline, so I thought let’s launch Virgin America,” Branson said in an interview with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg TV last week.

“We attract both leisure people and tech people who want to be flown in a slightly more hip airline than our competitors,” he said, speaking from one of the company’s airplanes as he helped launch a new route from San Francisco to Denver.

My money would be on Delta offering stock (which is pretty inflated as well) for Virgin America.

– SlickDeals reports about the cheap China Eastern flights from San Francisco to Seoul

MightyTravels 2016-03-24 at 9.23.41 AM

It comes up in our flight search – dates are limited to April 2016. The flights will be painful but you get a Shanghai stop-over for free as well! If you haven’t been – that’s a great chance at discount prices.