Mighty Travels Daily Deals for March 24th

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You might have seen our posts on Twitter – now we also run them on the blog. Here are our deals of the day – more deals for Mighty Travels Premium subscribers. Remember we think it is a deal if a hotel is at least 40% below the average rate for a whole year and a flight is under 6 cents per mile flown (not earned).

We also now feature Business Class Flight Deals under 14 CPM.

Note we only list one sample date – flight and hotel deals might be available on more dates. Use the booking link or read our guide to using the ITA Matrix to find more dates.


U.S Central & Hawaii

Flight Deal – Calgary (YYC) to Delhi (DEL) $736 RT on KLM 5.2 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzCelS

Flight Deal – Chicago (ORD) to Shanghai (PVG) $596 RT on ANA 4.2 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBjdph

Flight Deal – Las Vegas (LAS) to Seoul (ICN) $692 RT on Air China 5.4 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzGDFt

Flight Deal – Austin (AUS) to Manila (MNL) $719 RT on Air China 4.1 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBhRL7

Flight Deal – Chicago (CHI) to Bahrain (BAH) $547 RT on Lufthansa 3.9 CPM http://bit.ly/1UnfjBl

Flight Deal – Atlanta (ATL) to Beijing (PEK) $589 RT on Alaska Airlines 4.1 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzBihl

Flight Deal – Honolulu (HNL) to Melbourne (MEL) $496 RT on Jetstar 4.3 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBlh0z

Flight Deal – Atlanta (ATL) to San Francisco (SFO) $228 RT on Frontier 5.2 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBhG2C

Flight Deal – Chicago (CHI) to Sao Paulo (GRU) $552 RT on Copa Airlines 5.3 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzCj96

Flight Deal – Denver (DEN) to Miami (MIA) $128 RT on Frontier Airlines 3.7 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzCz83

Flight Deal – Chicago (CHI) to Teheran (IKA) $590 RT on Turkish Airline 4.6 CPM http://bit.ly/1o8TqHh

Flight Deal – Houston (HOU) to Doha (DOH) $720 RT on Turkish Airline 4.3 CPM http://fave.co/1RBlpwY

Flight Deal – Dallas (DFW) to Johannesburg (JNB) $743 RT on Qatar Airways 4 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBlLno

Flight Deal – Dallas (DFW) to Ho Chi Minh (SGN) $642 RT on United Airlines 3.6 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBjtof

Flight Deal – Calgary (YYC) to Rio De Janeiro (GIG) $611 RT on Air Canada 4.6 CPM http://fave.co/1RzCbGF

U.S/Canada East Coast

Flight Deal – San Francisco (SFO) to Shanghai (PVG) $526 RT on United 4.3 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzJ6Qe

Flight Deal – Vancouver (YVR) to San Jose (SJO) $341 RT on United Airlines 4.7 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzKBh5

Flight Deal – Redmond (RDM) to Boston (BOS) $321 RT on Alaska Airlines 5.8 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBscXq

Flight Deal – Vancouver (YVR) to Sao Paulo (GRU) $580 RT on Air Canada 4.2 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzKD8R

Flight Deal – Long Beach (LGB) to New York (JFK) $277 RT on JetBlue 5.6 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzHh5H

Flight Deal – San Francisco (SFO) to Chicago (ORD) $128 RT on United 3.5 CPM http://fave.co/1RzJ2Qg

Flight Deal – Ontario (ONT) to Bangkok (BKK) $671 RT on United Airlines 4.1 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzIWbm

Flight Deal – Los Angeles (LAX) to Liberia (LIR) $288 RT on Alaska Airlines 5.5 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzHnds

Flight Deal – Los Angeles (LAX) to Miami (MIA) $222 RT on United Airlines 4.2 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBpSzS

Flight Deal – Los Angeles (LAX) to Chicago (ORD) $122 RT on United Airlines 3.6 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzHjKX

Flight Deal – Medford (MFR) to Oranjestad (AUA) $398 RT on Delta Airlines 5.1 CPM http://fave.co/1RzHwhd

Flight Deal – San Francisco (SFO) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) $792 RT on Turkish Airlines 4.8 CPM http://fave.co/1RzJ8aD

U.S/Canada West Coast

Flight Deal – Indianapolis (IND) to Manila (MNL) $723 RT on Shuttle America 4.4 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBlTn1

Flight Deal – Minneapolis (MSP) to Beijing (PEK) $673 RT on United Airlines 5.1 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzErh9

Flight Deal – Los Angeles (LAX) to New York (LGA) $272 RT on United Airlines 5.4 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBpVvx

Flight Deal – Oakland (OAK) to Stockholm (ARN) $340 RT on Norwegian 3.2 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBs36k

Flight Deal – Detroit (DTW) to Nairobi (NBO) $759 RT on Air Canada 4.9 CPM http://fave.co/1RzCAcc

Flight Deal – Austin (AUS) to Seoul (ICN) $728 RT on Air China 5.2 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzBo8v

Flight Deal – Portland (PDX) to Sao Paulo (GRU) $787 RT on Air Canada 5.4 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzJ1fd

Flight Deal – San Francisco (SFO) to Denpasar (DPS) $702 RT on Cathay Pacific 4.3 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzJ7ne

Flight Deal – Bloomington (BMI) to Ho Chi Minh (SGN) $771 RT on Japan Airlines 4.4 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBhWyx

Flight Deal – San Jose (SJC) to Shanghai (SHA) $464 RT on Hainan Airlines 3.8 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBspda

South America

Flight Deal – Manaus (MAO) to Sao Paulo (GRU) $187 RT on GOL 4.6 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBwkaa

Flight Deal – Belem (BEL) to San Francisco (SFO) $511 RT on TAM 4.4 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzLZ3j

Flight Deal – Salvador (SSA) to Los Angeles (LAX) $447 RT on GOL 3.3 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBvLNw

Central America & Caribbean

Flight Deal – Rio De Janeiro (SDU) to New York (LGA) $581 RT on United 5.4 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBw9vk

Flight Deal – Sao Paulo (GRU) to Delhi (DEL) $734 RT on Etihad Airways 4.2 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBwH4j

Flight Deal – Recife (REC) to Las Vegas (LAS) $406 RT on American Airlines 3.9 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBwLBf


Flight Deal – Cape Town (CPT) to Rome (FCO) $420 RT on Ethiopian Airlines 4 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzOliB

Flight Deal – Johannesburg (JNB) to Warsaw (WAW) $421 RT on Qatar Airways 3.9 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBz7jE

Middle East

Flight Deal – Tel Aviv (TLV) to Milano (MXP) $137 RT on EasyJet 3.9 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzQJWM

Flight Deal – Gassim (ELQ) to Manila (MNL) $554 RT on Qatar Airways 5 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzR5wx


Flight Deal – Nice (NCE) to Taipei (TPE) $431 RT on Turkish Airlines 3.2 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzOH8Y

Flight Deal – Prague (PRG) to Dubai (DXB) $173 RT on Smart Wings 3 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzOHGc

Flight Deal – Madrid (MAD) to Bangkok (BKK) $565 RT on KLM 4.8 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBzQB9

Australia & Oceania

Flight Deal – Avalon (AVV) to Honolulu (HNL) $394 RT on JetStar 3.6 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBAgrl

Flight Deal – Sydney (SYD) to Cairns (CNS) $164 RT on Tiger Air 5.4 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzP6IJ

South East Asia

Flight Deal – Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Seoul (ICN) $211 RT on Air Asia 3.7 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzPNSn

Flight Deal – Madras (MAA) to Los Angeles (LAX) $710 RT on Saudia 4 CPM http://bit.ly/1RBBkLI

Flight Deal – Kochi (COK) to Singapore (SIN) $167 RT on Air Asia 4.1 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzPTcy

Central North Asia

Flight Deal – Karachi (KHI) to Chicago (ORD) $697 RT on Etihad Airways 4.4 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzQ47K

Flight Deal – Islamabad (ISB) to New York (JFK) $720 RT on Etihad Airways 4.8 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzQ4V

Flight Deal – Shanghai (PVG) to Melbourne (MEL) $407 RT on Air Asia 3.4 CPM http://bit.ly/1RzQFGs

You can now access the TOP 15 flight deals per region for free here, while Premium Subscribers get full free access. Plus this handy post lets you know which websites allow a 24-hour free cancellation for airline tickets.


Hotel Deal – Hilton Bogota $70 for Apr 17,2016 Book direct http://bit.ly/1oKRy8p

Hotel Deal – Hilton Bellevue $85 for Mar 25,2016 Book direct http://bit.ly/1Pe691k

Hotel Deal – Hilton Atlanta Northeast $79 for Mar 25,2016 Book direct http://bit.ly/1RzS7bP

Hotel Deal – Hilton Sao Paulo Morumbi $105 for Aug 20,2016 Book direct http://bit.ly/1RBE2kl

Hotel Deal – Hilton Garden Inn Las Colinas $68 for Jul 9,2016 Book direct http://bit.ly/1RzRYVM

Hotel Deal – Hampton Inn & Suites Alpharetta $58 for Aug 20,2016 Book direct http://bit.ly/1RBDGu7

Hotel Deal – Hampton Inn Asheville-Tunnel Rd. $85 for Jan 15,2017 Book direct http://bit.ly/1UvLXwE

Hotel Deal – Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix Downtown $89 for Aug 6,2016 Book direct http://bit.ly/1TddzIh

Hotel Deal – Homewood Suites by Hilton® Midland, TX $93 for Nov 25,2016 Book direct http://bit.ly/250of2B

Hotel Deal – DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Berkeley Marina $99 for Mar 25,2016 Book direct http://bit.ly/1RBE77J

Hotel Deal – Hampton Inn & Suites Baltimore Inner Harbor $81 for Nov 25,2016 Book direct http://bit.ly/1RzS6or

Hotel Deal – Hilton Garden Inn Arlington/Courthouse Plaza $80 for Dec 17,2016 Book direct http://bit.ly/1RBDFGI

Hotel Deal – DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel West Palm Beach Airport $72 for Oct 1,2016 Book direct http://bit.ly/1RzS6Vh

Hotel Deal – Hampton Inn & Suites Ocean City/Bayfront-Convention Center $51 for Jan 10,2017 Book direct http://bit.ly/1JQZnTs

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