Hyatt Regency Washington Dulles Review

Posted on January 8, 2016 by in Hotel Reviews

For my return flight from Montreal to San Francisco I had used an United award – the only available option was an overnight layover in Washington Dulles. When booked the flight times looked good for a good night’s sleep but United managed to break the brand new Embraer 175 from Montreal to Washington just before takeoff. After going back to the gate and a quick tech fix we could depart but waited for a fax (who uses fax machines anymore) for another 45 minutes.

Anyways this got me into Dulles Airport 2 hours late – the Hyatt Regency Dulles has a free airport shuttle that departs from the pickup points 2A and 2H. Dulles airports can be quite confusing (not just because of the terminal trains/ buses) and I managed to get lost and miss the shuttle but just a minute. Oh well – 30 minutes later a friendly driver picked me up and took me on the 10 minute ride. While the hotel is really close to the airport the freeway exits make the shuttle turn all the time.

Check-in was very quick but wordless. Th web check in never works for me (I haven’t found out why) but the agent was done in less than 10 seconds. I take a quick, wordless check-in over a 15 minute ordeal in Asia but that was a bit cold. Oh well.

2016-01-06 23.46.08

The hotel isn’t exactly Grand and strikes you as a typical slightly ‘upscale’ airport hotel. If you have been to the Westin LAX than you know what to expect – it’s just more quiet here in Virginia.

2016-01-06 23.48.45

2016-01-06 23.48.50

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The room had a separate sofa area and bed. It was slightly bigger but the layout just seemed awkward. I also like bathrooms separated (incl the wash basin) but here it was almost in your bed. The room was smelly of cleaning agents and the carpet triggered my allergies. However I was tired and was looking at less than 6 hours sleep so I wasn’t in the mood to switch rooms.

Once settled in when climbing into the bed I saw the huge stains on the comforter.

2016-01-06 23.57.27

2016-01-06 23.57.31

I’d rather not speculate where they came from. Sleeping in hotels is always gross since people behave worse than at home (my assumption), the cleaning staff is often overwhelmed (my assumption again) and the pure fact that hundreds of people have slept in the same bed always makes me wary. However I never saw so much ‘humanity’ on my bed before. At this point I was half asleep and unwilling to pack up again and change rooms so I did my best to not use that side of the bed.

The Internet at least was fast and skipped the annoying password/ login game.

Since the hotel is rather far from the runway you won’t be bothered by any airport noise. I woke up early for my flight to SFO and the airport shuttle ran perfectly on time.

Hyatt hands down has some of the best properties in the world for me. I usually love my stays with Hyatt (see my wonderful last stay at the Hyatt Dar es Salaam) but this was not a good one. Missing the shuttle is my problem, the wordless check-in was not happy but fine but the miserable room and the dirty sheets made me feel bad. The Hyatt Regency Dulles isn’t a place I’d like to go back to.

4,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points and $55 will get you into the Hyatt Dulles – if you must.