Courtyard Anchorage Airport Review

Posted on January 18, 2016 by in Hotel Reviews

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For my two nights in Anchorage I decided to stay at the Courtyard Anchorage Airport for this review. The hotel is from a new batch of Courtyards and resembles the Courtyard in Palo Alto I stayed at the most. It comes with a modern lobby with a warm fireplace and typical the Courtyard lobby complete with a mini-groceries store and a restaurant.

Check-In was super friendly and super quick – the front desk attendant must have been the quickest I have ever seen. Not just me but other people from the shuttle got checked in in less than a minute. You could hear the ‘you are all set’ again and again. Marriott’ systems also seem to make it easier for the agents to run the check in. I love that!

The shuttle to/ from the airport runs only on request so you have to call to be picked up. I did not realize that but the shuttle was on the way to pick up other guests so I wait just a few seconds – much better than missing the shuttle by a few minutes at Hyatt Regency Dulles airport a week before!

The Courtyard comes with a warm swimming pool and very nicely looking rooms. The quality of the bathroom (especially the shower cabins) was perfect – not as expensive looking but otherwise on a the level of a modern Hyatt. The room itself was larger, in typical Courtyard colors, with a sofa. The mattress was way too soft for my taste.

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The room temperature was easy to set with a thermostat but the fan was on rather strong and there was no easy way to reduce it (that I could find). That was annoying and the air was dry and hot.

The free Internet was pretty fast – fast ping times and good download speeds at about 4Mbit.

Winter is clearly the off season in Alaska but the hotel seemed to be rather full. Rates were under $100 per night though.

The next morning I took a taxi to the downtown area which ran at about $15 with a very friendly driver. It’s a bout 5 miles from the airport – certainly not walking distance in winter.

I liked the Courtyard – it felt really new, had super friendly staff and gave you the feel of an oasis in the cold and dark Alaskan winter. Your other options in Anchorage include the Sheraton, The Hilton, Marriott and (and more downtown hotels) which are usually priced at about twice the Courtyard – I’d go back to the Courtyard.

You can book your stay at the Courtyard Anchorage Airport here.

3.5 / 5 stars