Kayak Airfare Map and the Explore Limited Edition popping up around the world

Posted on November 19, 2015 by in Cheap flights

Kayak Airfare Map

What’s the Kayak Airfare Map?

We briefly mentioned the Kayak Airfare Map in the past, as the fares displayed on the map are for round-trip economy class travel found in the past 48 hours. The price displayed by Kayak may not always be completely accurate, but when we tested it, it was usually pretty close and there are often great fares available.

How do I use the Kayak Airfare Map?

Kayak Airfare Map

You can either search for flights within your budget from the city where you live or choose any departure point instead and choose the time of year you want to travel. You can search within a particular price range, choose a specific city, country or continent to travel to and even choose the kind of weather you want to get to.

Just looking at the picture above shows you can cross country from Los Angeles for just $191 round-trip. Checking further, we see it’s a Spirit Airlines flight to Philadelphia on May 24th, 2016, for 15 days. You can always adjust the settings to try and make Kayak work for your dates and preferences, however.

Tell me a little about Explore Limited Edition…

In some countries, the Kayak Airfare Map has a cute addition now – an enhanced Explore function that shows you the cost of the searched flight in the equivalent of local goods. For instance, Kayak Singapore can show you how many Singapore Slings you could buy for the cost of a particular flight or Kayak UK can show you how many cups of tea or tins of baked beans you could buy for the price of the flight.

Kayak Airfare Map

When Kayak UK found a London to Barcelona flight for £34 ($52) round-trip, the Explore Limited Edition showed it as the equivalent of 4 English breakfasts. Now I don’t know where Kayak got their prices from, but where I live in the UK, an English breakfast doesn’t even cost half of £8.50 ($13)! Even when I lived in London it only cost around $7 or $8 unless I was visiting a swanky place…

Anyway, some of the costs of local goods are more accurate, such as the cost of visiting Buckingham Palace or riding the Millennium Wheel, but take the information with a pinch of salt and use it as inspiration rather than a matter of fact.

What else do I need to know about the Kayak Airfare Map?

Some of these flights on Kayak can be fantastic bargains, but it always pays to compare fares before booking, as other search engines can find great deals too, and sites such as ITA Matrix can save you a pretty penny.

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