More Gol Smiles Sweet Spots – Qatar First Class for $244 OW, New York – Honolulu for ~$200 RT

Posted on October 6, 2015 by in Travel Deals


After my article last week about Qatar First Class for $640 we have seen a lot of emails. Thanks to Pedro, who commented with a wealth of information about Gol Smiles, we now know so much more abut Gol Smiles.


The good news – this great deal gets even better!

Gol Smiles – Sweet Spots

Gol Smiles does not have have an award chart we can easily peruse and find good values. As noted before the website is buggy and the GOL engine does not always find flights when there is partner availability (i.e. Etihad Guest seats show on but none shows on the Gol Smiles website).

Besides Qatar in First Class a shining value is also redeeming Gol Smiles miles on Delta from the East Coast to Hawaii for just 25,000 miles. This rate seems valid anywhere in North America incl. Mexico! You can go anywhere from the US/Canada to Mexico (and potentially the Caribbean) for 25,000 Round Trip!

Gol Smiles – Price of Miles

Did I mention that this deal got even better? Pedro mentions several ways to ‘buy miles’. Keep in mind that buying miles is not illegal given the current legislation in Brazil. The airline Terms and Conditions may prohibit it but the consumer friendly legislation make it possible to sell them since they become a consumer property.

Pedro shows a number of options to bring the price down to 0.7 cent per mile – effectively pricing Qatar First Class at $240 and a Round Trip from New York to Honolulu on Delta ~$200. Crazy value!

Here are some of the options Pedro mentions:

– if you are Brazilian Gol Miles member the price drops to 0.7 cents per mile with the right promotion, note that you will need a valid CPF number to register as a Brazilian citizen (though you can easily get a CPF as a tourist), also note that only 40,000 miles can be bought per year


– Gol runs DAILY (!) promotions (all in Portuguese) that offers various discounts

– Clube Smiles – is a mile buying subscription that locks you into a certain rate to buy miles


– Brazilian Mileage Broker MaxMilhas offers miles for as little as 0.7 cents – I normally NEVER recommend to BUY or SELL miles from third parties – I would also be hesitant in this case

For now register with Gol Smiles and if you are going to Brazil anytime soon.