The TOP 10 most dangerous and adventurous trips

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Have you done everything – been everywhere – and are looking for an adventure? Here are some challenges for you.

1) Overland from Luanda (Angola) to Kinshasa (DRC)

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The Democratic Republic of Congo is often considered to be the most dangerous part of Africa (besides Mogadishu).

Your challenge however will be to fly into LAD and out of DRC. In between you will need to make your way overland.

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The journey will be 800 intense miles of Africa with beautiful scenery and lots of travel roadblocks.

2) Cross the island of Borneo

You will position for your journey to Balikpapan, Indonesia and you will be greeted by me two weeks later in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

The 500 mile journey in-between the two airports is rugged, mountainous terrain with few locals. You can choose the mode of transport with local buses, river ferries and strenuous hikes. Note that there are no direct roads connecting the interior mountains to the coastal plains of Borneo. The good news? There is precious little violence in this part of the world.

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3) Cross the Amazon from Brazil to Peru

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This journey will see you flying into Manaus or Belem and make your way through the most remote part of the Amazon jungle to Lima.

The journey of 1,300 miles comes with plenty of mosquito and no roads- naturally. However there are lots of slow and fast boats plying the Amazon and the side rivers until you reach the Peruvian coastal regions.

I guarantee that mosquito protection will come in handy and maybe that yellow fever protection was good idea after all.

4) Cross Antarctica on ski’s

Antarctica is a dangerous place and you can’t just show up and think you can survive even in summer. However there are tour operators like IceTrek that organize (semi-private) ski tours through the interior. They provide all equipment and training but the price tag is only for the really-well off – expect to spend $100k for a private tour and $10k for bigger and shorter trips.

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You better do not fear the cold!

Miles can get you to Cape Town or Ushuaia and from there you on your own.

5) Greenland

Compared to Antarctica Greenland will be easy going. There are no flights on miles & points to Greenland (anymore). However there are many commercial flights from Oslo or Copenhagen to Nuuk.

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Your challenge is to make your way to Qaanaaq – a tiny village on the north-west edge of Greenland. There are no roads anywhere and it is a solid 2,500 mile hike from Nuuk. That’s a lot of walking!

6) Yakutsk to Magadan in winter

Yakutsk Airport is rather modern and so is the airport in Magadan. In between is a major highway – so what is the big deal here?

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.51.44 AM
I mentioned ‘winter’ in your challenge – the area features the coldest temperatures outside of Antarctica and winter regularly sees −80 °F!

If you venture outside – run for your life and don’t think a car will save you as even the sturdy Russian cars heat up the interior to a chilly -20 °F only.

7) Climb Mount Everest

This is not an option right now because of the recent earthquake. However this will change eventually.

Mt. Everest is a tough climb to begin with, the oxygen starvation will introduce hypoxia and the temperatures drop precipitously in the mountains unpredictable weather. Tour companies are rated by how many climbers hey loose every year.

Kathmandu airport is just a connection away and as a bonus you get to fly with one of the world most dangerous airlines.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.52.45 AM
8) Papua New Guinea’s Interior

The world has come a long way in the 19th and 20th century – somehow the world forgot to tell ‘PNG’ about it.

Your challenge involves flying into Jayapura, Indonesia and magically reappear in Port Moresby.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.53.55 AM

On the way you can ‘sleep with Cannibals‘ or get up close with the worlds most dangerous snakes. You will also learn about Raskols when closing in on Port Moresby – if you get that far.

9) A weekend trip to Mogadischu

The only safe place in Mogadischu is the airport that has enough anti-tank guns in place to stop an army. Plus the approach is specifically chosen to minimize the threat from rocket and RPG attacks. Turkish Airlines and many others fly there every day.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.59.15 AM

Making it out into your hotel is a major challenge already. Getting into town is a sure fire way to get kidnapped or kill yourself – unless you can convince the thugs that you are in fact Somalian.

10) Travel the Northern edge of the Sahara

The Northern Sahara is a beautiful and rustic place. You will be dropped in Nouakchott International Airport and welcomed in Khartoum. The basic issue (besides the lack of roads) are the many rebels and Al Qaeda affiliated gangs. This part of Chad, Sudan, Mali, Niger and Southern Algeria are basically no-go zones according to the State Department. This 3,000 mile journey will keep you up at night – literally!

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Doubt that this is even possible? Meet Mike Spencer who has done it all (and more) and lives to tell the tale.

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