One week of Mighty Travels Premium – how did we do?

Posted on September 22, 2015 by in Travel Deals


Last week we launched the Mighty Travels Premium Membership – so how did we do in the first week?

Premium Subscribers get real time alerts for urgent deals – they do happen at random times and not every deal is for everyone but we provide piece of mind that you will get alerted to the most important deals just by checking your phone – no information overload!

We sent out alerts in-time for the $223 Europe to Brazil RT deal on TAM, the Europe – US $123 RT deal on Air Canada as well as a number of other good deals (incl. hotel price mistakes) that came through last week.

However Premium Subscriber have access to much more at Mighty Travels.

Flight Deals

We provide flight deals for 11 different regions updated daily for Premium Subscribers.

– US East Coast
– US West Coast
– US Central
– Europe
– Northern & Central Asia
– South-East Asia
– Australia
– South America
– Middle East
– Africa
– Caribbean

In total we publish 5,000 airfare deals every day! Here is the data sheet we published today for deals departing from Africa.

Hotel Deals

We also publish our hotel data feeds for Premium Subscribers. These feeds show specific hotels were we found an unusually low rate. This might be due to seasonality, a mistake rate or any kind of reason but the rate is valid at the time we checked.

Here is an excerpt of raw hotel deals that you have free access to as a Premium Subscriber. The complete data is about 250,000 (!) hotel deal rates updated every 24 hours.

Money Back Guarantee

The Premium Membership is only $7.99/month.

We added a ‘Money-Back Guarantee’ – if you are not happy for any reason with the Premium Membership we will refund the first month charge if you email us within 14 days.

Of course you can cancel the membership at any time.

Click here to subscribe to the Mighty Travels Premium Membership.