Tree camping – The Top 5 reasons to camp above ground this summer

Posted on July 9, 2015 by in TOP Travel Destinations

What’s the scoop with tree camping?

Now that summer’s in full swing, and you’re maybe thinking of a camping trip, have you thought about experiencing the great outdoors from above ground? Some people like to spend their vacation in a tree house, while some, like the Korowai tribe in Papua New Guinea, spend their lives isolated from the rest of the world and live in tree houses as tall as 35m off-ground.

tree camping

While staying in a tree house can be your own Swiss Family Robinson adventure, tree camping instead could be an incredible way to experience life outdoors.

Tell me more about tree camping…

The relatively new concept of tree camping is, in a nutshell, camping in a tent that’s suspended in the air from a tree. Botanists Steve Sillett and Marie Antoine hit the news when they were photographed sleeping in an over-sized hammock more than a couple of hundred feet high up, as their work measuring Californian Redwoods often means they have to eat and sleep in the trees.

tree camping

Regular tree campers can buy their own tents, but at around $200 for a single-person to $700 for a multi-room, it can be an expensive business. Tentsile Tree Tents has some amazing options from $495.

If you’re thinking of trying it out first, you may want to visit a campsite that already has the tents set up for you. Waldseilgarten in Germany is one of the more famous places you can tree camp, either in pods that hang from trees or against the cliff-face – several feet above the ground or 3,280 feet high. Now that would be some view…

tree camping

So what are the Top 5 reasons to go tree camping this summer?

  1. You’re closer to the stars, so the view above your head and down below to the ground can be quite spectacular.
  2. You won’t miss the familiar feeling of cold, hard ground underneath you when you’re suspended in the air.
  3. It can feel like you’re being being gently swayed to sleep in an over-sized hammock.
  4. Being separated from certain creep crawlies is certainly a bonus for tree campers.
  5. Wild animals like bears are less likely to sneak into a tree tent hanging from branches than down on the ground!
tree camping

What else do I need to know about tree camping?

If you have your own equipment, you can find cheap or even free campsites here. The Free Campsite community is a great source of information with a simple, map-based search engine and a place where people share their campsite discoveries.

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