Staples Easy Rebates and Manufactured Spending – Plus a look at some current rebate offers

Posted on July 2, 2015 by in Manufactured Spend

What’s the scoop with Staples Easy Rebates?

You can get Staples Easy Rebates with all kinds of products – from boxes of paper to laptops. In fact, right now, you can actually get rebates on both of these kinds of items.

You can get 5,000 sheets of A4 paper for just $14.99 – Simply buy the item for $53.99 and apply for your $39 rebate!

 staples easy rebates

Plus there’s limited availability of this Toshiba laptop in particular stores, at the low price of $349.99 after a $200 instant saving and a $50 rebate:

 staples easy rebates

Tell me more about Staples Easy Rebates…

You can find Easy Rebates products in-store, online and in the Staples catalogs and circulars:

  • In-store: Check the price tag for the words ‘Easy Rebate’.
  • Catalogs/circulars: The words ‘Easy Rebate’ will be in the item description.
  • Online: Look out for the ‘Easy Rebate’ icon:

staples easy rebates

Some of the better Easy Rebates promotions include Visa gift card offers, such as the recent $20 back on a $300 purchase, which can help when manufacturing spend. If purchased with a credit card like Chase Ink that earns bonus rewards at office supply stores, you earn money even after paying the card activation fee and also earn bonus points with your credit card too – plus if you need to make your minimum spend, you’re helping yourself do so.

This kind of rebate is usually in the form of a Visa gift card instead of a Staples gift card – even better, as you can spend it in many more places.

How do I get my rebate?

 staples easy rebates

It’s a pretty simple process now, as you can do it all online (although you can still mail it in if you prefer).

  • If you made your purchase at an in-store kiosk or online at you just need the 10-digit order number and the ‘ship to zip code’. You can find these numbers on your email order confirmation, on the printed customer copy or on the packing slip. You may also need the rebate product’s serial number.
  • If you made your purchase in-store, you just need the easy rebate id. You can find this number on the rebate redemption form you received after buying the item.
  • If you prefer to mail in your rebate, you can search for your product or rebate number here so that you can find the right form to print out.

What else do I need to know about Staples Easy Rebates?

You can find all kinds of promotions to earn rebates with at Staples, from printers to stationery to tablets, but it’s especially worth keeping a lookout for the Visa gift cards.

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