Can a Hyatt corporate code always save you money?

Posted on July 25, 2015 by in Corporate Codes, World of Hyatt

hyatt corporate code

What’s the deal with the Hyatt corporate code?

The reduced price of a corporate rate is usually one that the hotel negotiates directly with a large company. If you work for a large company, it’s always worth checking directly if there’s already a discount in place for stays with Hyatt before you book, as you can save dollars for little effort.

Although this post shows various codes, we’re not suggesting that you use a corporate code that you’re not entitled to, although many do, and many get away with it. If you book a corporate rate with Hyatt, you may well have to show your employee ID or business card at check-in or instead have to pay the rack rate.

Read on to see how you can use one corporate code in particular, simply by joining a free union…

What discount can I get by using a Hyatt corporate code?

The discount is often 10% off the regular rate, but is sometimes more, and depends on the company. The highest discount we found was 20% off the Best Available Rate, given to UCSF School of Medicine staff to use at most Hyatt hotels in the US.

hyatt corporate code

How do I get a Hyatt corporate code?

The first step is to check directly with the business you work for or call the Hyatt hotel to ask if there’s a corporate rate for your company.

This FlyerTalk thread includes an extensive list of Hyatt discount codes, but in case you don’t want to wade through 60+ pages to find them, here’s the main corporate codes, thanks to struggling1k:

  • 12114 – Duty Free Shoppers
  • 13717 – IBM
  • 90010 – Li & Fung
  • 12624 – Credit Suisse
  • 99800 – Daimler Benz
  • 68083 – TVL
  • 23079 – TVL
  • 57039 – Samsung
  • NC16700 – GE
  • 13307 – GE International
  • 13516 – Crédit Lyonnais
  • 79103 – BankAtlantic

More corporate codes can be found with a simple Google search. We found the code 13147 for Travelzoo employees and B200936 for members of the Freelancer Union. Anyone can join this union for free!

To book a corporate rate on Hyatt, simply enter the code in the ‘Corporate or Group Code’ box:

hyatt corporate code

Occasionally, a company doesn’t advertise the corporate code, but instead tells employees to call the hotel directly. An example of this is that FedEx employees are entitled to 10% off the Best Available Rate, as Hyatt is one of their preferred hotel programs, but there’s no actual code and it can’t be booked online.

What else do I need to know about the Hyatt corporate code?

Using a corporate code with Hyatt doesn’t always save you money. Occasionally, a code can actually increase the Best Available Rate and corporate codes can sometimes be more expensive than using a promotional offer. It’s always best to compare prices before booking. Plus if you have a Costco or AAA membership, these rates can often be cheaper than using a corporate code.

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