Working Lufthansa 50,000 Miles Barclays Credit Card Link

Posted on June 12, 2015 by in Travel Deals

Lufthansa 50,000 Miles

The Lufthansa 50,000 Miles Barclays Credit Card link (not an affiliate link) keeps changing. It’s almost as if Barclays does not want us to sign up for it.

But the card is still there if you are interested. We have highlighted the benefits of Lufthansa 50,000 Miles card several times.

There is a $5,000 spend requirement (you can still use manufactured spend techniques though it is getting harder).

Barclays also includes these terms:

“This one-time thirty-thousand (30,000) additional award miles offer is valid for first-time cardmembers with a new account only. Existing cardmembers and existing accounts are not eligible for this offer.”

To the best of my knowledge this is not enforced unless you are a on a Barclays blacklist (and then you will not get approved anyways).

Did you sign up for the card in this round? Did you get the bonus again?

If this link has expired, apply here instead.