Mighty Travels Google Flight Explorer Review

Posted on June 18, 2015 by in Travel Deals

Google Flight Explorer

I bet you did not know – Google has a been working on a Google Flight Explorer.

Google has made it no-index in the Google search index so it won’t show up there but this URL works to reach it:


So what can you do with the Google Flight Explorer?

The Google Flight Explorer allows you to find cheap flights in aggregate. You will need to specify your departure airport but as a destination you can just use a continent, country or region (as well as an airport).

Google Flight Explorer will then display a chart with the prices for the next 3 months to this region/ airport. You can use the arrows on the right to scroll forward some months – for us it worked all the way until the end of 2015 but not beyond it.

Google Flight Explorer

Where does that data come from?

Since ‘live searches’ on fare databases are expensive (a single contract with ITA runs into several hundred thousand dollars) Google is utilizing data generated by user searches with Google Flights. This ‘archive of data is indexed and applied for the Google Flight Explorer searches.

What do we like about Google Flight Explorer?

The search interface is fast and much more responsive than Kayak Explore or ITA Matrix. It’s sorted by price and some interesting price discoveries can be made IF you already have a number of locations in mind.

What do we not like about Google Flight Explorer?

It seems the data is awfully incomplete – in fact most of the fare deals we post at Mighty Travels have not been part of the Google Flight Explorer database.

We also think Google should offer 12 months of data and not make you click the arrows to get more data.

It would also be a good idea to make the FROM airport flexible – i.e. the Southwest US or the Northeast USA.

Given the flaws the Google Flight Explorer will not be on my go-to list to find fare deals but I will stick to my 3 best alternatives to ITA Matrix.

3 / 5 stars