MagsforMiles and Spirit Airlines offer – A year’s digital subscription to The Economist for free!

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What’s the deal with MagsforMiles and Spirit Airlines?

Play the Bare fare Questionnaire with Spirit Airlines to earn an easy 1,500 miles and you can then redeem them for 51 digital issues of The Economist! The digital edition of The Economist gives you access to apps and the website’s articles, videos and charts.

What’s MagsforMiles?


We’ve written about MagsforMiles before, as they exchange your unused miles from select airlines such as Delta and United for free magazines that are delivered to your door.

How do I get the MagsforMiles and Spirit Airlines deal?

If you’re already a member of the loyalty program FREE SPIRIT, then you can go straight to the Bare Fare Questionnaire to test your Spirit Airlines knowledge.

If you’re not yet a member, join here for free first as you’ll need your member number handy to claim three lots of 500 miles.

To earn 1,500 miles total, you need to play 3 quizzes – one each of the bear, the dude and the babe. The questions are pretty simple:


Once you’ve successfully completed each quiz, enter your FREE SPIRIT member number to gain a certificate number. Now here is where it gets a little convoluted, but bear with me (excuse the pun!)

  • Highlight and copy the first certificate number.
  • Right click on ‘REDEEM MILES’ so that you can keep open the current page too as it lists all three certificate numbers (otherwise you have to hunt around for that page again in order to copy the next two certificate numbers!)
  • Paste the first certificate number into the relevant box.
  • From the drop-down list where it says ‘I RECEIVED MY CERTIFICATE FROM’, choose ‘Bare Fare Questionnaire’ and press submit.
  • The miles are immediately transferred to your Spirit account. Now do the same for the other two certificate numbers to add the rest of the bonus miles to your account.

Now that your account has at least 1,500 miles, you can proceed to MagsforMiles to get your free Economist subscription.

(Strangely enough, they gave me 501 miles for my first quiz, 502 for my second quiz and 500 for my third quiz, totaling 1,503 instead of 1,500, but I’m not complaining…) 


What else do I need to know about the MagsforMiles and Spirit Airlines deal?

This MagsforMiles promotion is for new subscribers to The Economist and the print version is not included in this offer. More Safaris deals can be found here.

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