Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Review – Wanchai, Hong Kong

Posted on June 9, 2015 by in Hotel Reviews, IHG Rewards Club

Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Review – Wanchai, Hong Kong

After my stay at the Eaton House Wanchai I decided to try out the Hotel Indigo Hong Kong – just down the road.

The Hotel Indigo Hong Kong is ranked in the TOP 20 of Hong Kong’s 700+ hotels – so something must be special with this place.

The check-in was easy and quick and the agents spoke fluent English. My room was ready at 1 PM and the hotel did not seem full – so plenty of rooms to choose from.

IMG 5251

The room itself was fantastic – it was somewhat similar of the suite like rooms at the Intercontinental Berlin.

I loved the design of the room and the attention to detail. The automated shutters ala Park Hyatt Istanbul, the superbly clean room and just the sheer amount of space were fantastic.

IMG 5232
IMG 5233
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A little strange was that the bathroom and shower were part of the room – so there was no noise insulation between the bathroom area and the rest of the room.

The AC worked well during those hot and humid days and cooled down the room without any issues. The Internet was super fast as well and easy to connect with a pre-assigned code.

IMG 5244

On Day II the rain let up a little and I ventured to the pool which hangs over the edge of the hotel. In fact you could see guests swimming from 29 floors below!

IMG 5282
IMG 5283
IMG 5284

However you can’t see down to street level from inside the pool – the glass and water reflections just obstruct it too much- but it is still awesome infinity pool at the 29th floor. Very well done. It turned out to be very cold though – much colder than I thought.

IMG 5290

During my stay I did not interact with the staff much – they more or less stayed invisible. I actually prefer this understated to the overbearing hello’s from all over the hotel. When needed they were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.

My rate did not include breakfast so I ventured just across to street to get delicious bakery items at Eric Kayser (the chain I first got to love in Dakar as part of my Things to Do list in Dakar) and the LA Coffee which brews artisan coffee right outside the hotel.

In conclusion – the Hotel Indigo Hong Kong awesome reviews are very well deserved – it’s as good as Tripadvisor makes it sound. I loved my time and would happily come back.

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Wanchai and Causeway Bay are now also my favorite neighborhoods in Hong Kong.

Cash rates were around US$300 during the time of my stay.

You can book the hotel here.

4.5 / 5 stars