Capital One credit card customer service – From bad to worse?

Posted on May 10, 2015 by in Travel Deals

capital one credit card customer service

What’s the scoop with Capital One credit card customer service?

Capital One, one of the largest card lenders in the US, is notorious for its poor customer service, whether it’s for the bank in general or just the service provided for its credit cardmembers. We’ve mentioned this before when talking about the Capital One Venture credit card and even when writing about Discover cards – Discover agents are a breath of fresh air when compared to Capital One customer service advisers.

The 2015 US Credit Card Satisfaction Report, published by Credio, is the result of a nationwide survey of more than 6,600 credit card consumers. It’s the first credit card intelligence report of its kind to provide impartial, industry-level insights into the major issuers of US credit cards.

Credio evaluated consumer satisfaction based on:

  • Customer service
  • Fees
  • Rewards and benefits
  • Card issuer
  • Overall credit card satisfaction

In the 2015 report, Capital One was rated one of the lowest performers overall, pipped only to the post by joint losers Bank of America and Citibank. Even just in the area of customer service satisfaction, Capital One came third to last:

capital one credit card customer service

What is being done about Capital One credit card customer service?

Capital One has won countless awards in the past for various reasons, but rarely for its customer service. In 2013, however, the bank was a Gold winner in the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service, with one reason being this: Three years prior to the award, Capital One reported that due to obstacles, only 12% of customer issues were resolved in 3 days or less, but through continuous improvement, by 2012, this had turned into an incredible 96.36% of customer issues resolved in 2 days or less.

capital one credit card customer service

This impressive feat should have perhaps scored Capital One more than just an award for ‘Customer Service Team of the Year’, but it does seem that the bank is trying to retain its customers through this and other customer service improvements.

So why does Capital One credit card customer service score poorly?

Reviews of Capital One credit card customer service show that many of the complaints are of the first agent spoken to, not the customer service model as a whole. Many cardholders seem more than satisfied with the service after they have passed the first hurdle – and that’s the all too often rude, unhelpful or unknowledgeable person who answers the phone.

If Capital One’s Achilles heel is its customer service agents, then why is money being spent everywhere but the front line, where it matters the most?

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