The Top 3 Reasons to use mobile Delta TravelNet (and the 2 reasons you may not want to)

Written and Published April 9, 2015


First things first - DeltaNetis onlyavailable for Delta employees and retirees as well as authorized contractors and vendors. Delta takes this extremely seriously and prosecutes those with unauthorized access, which is why you require sign-on credentials to use the site.

So, we're now assuming you're reading this post as one of the above eligible people - you may have worked for Delta as a pilot or you are currently working as a flight attendant, for example, and you're thinking of using Delta TravelNet to book some non-rev travel.

  • The Top 3 Reasons to use mobile Delta TravelNet (and the 2 reasons you may not want to)


In October 2014, Delta TravelNet became mobile-friendly,so you can now access the application on DeltaNet on tablets and smartphones. You don't even have to install an app - just access the website as normal on your mobile device.

With mobile Delta TravelNet, you can search for flights, create and cancel flight listings,check-in for flights and do so much more - just like you would with thedesktop version. However, there are a few things that you can't do onthe mobile version, and they arelisted at the end of the post.

Here's the top 3 reasons why you should use the mobile-friendly Delta TravelNet instead of the desktop version:

1. Anywhere that you have internet access, you can nowtouch the screen of your device to perform many TravelNet tasks. This includes selecting your flights, adding pass riders, viewing information or even checking theAirport Standby List to see where you areor how many seats are open. Access on the go is a great plus.

2. All kinds of devices including Apple, Android and Blackberry and all kinds of browsers including Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer are now supported, so it's likely that you will have a device and a browser that will work.

For all the current supported devices and browsers of Delta TravelNet, check out this list.

3. According topositivereviews, the mobile version has a better overviewthan the desktop version,is very easy to handle and works well. I read no poor reviews anywhere!


Unfortunately, there area couple of reasons as to why you may not want to use the mobile version of Delta TravelNet:

1. The DeltaNet Help section points out that at the current time, their IT Help Desk does notprovidesupport for mobile device access. This could be painful if you run intodifficulty when trying to book your non-rev travel oniOS, Android or suchlike on TravelNet.

2. The Help section also points out that when you use a mobile device to access Delta TravelNet or other parts of DeltaNet, the experience is not optimal. Certain parts of the site will just be easier to access and view onthe desktop version. Plus some parts of TravelNet (authorizing Buddy Passes, booking company business trips, changing listings and booking Fly Confirmed for Less reservations) will only work when you switch to the full version.