Serve – Some American Express cards are posting as purchases AND posting points (YMMV). Plus some non-Amex cards can still be loaded.

Posted on April 19, 2015 by in Best use American Express Membership Rewards, Manufactured Spend

American Express Serve

What’s the scoop with Amex cards and Serve?

With Serve, American Express cards are treated as purchases and should count towards minimum spend, but they aren’t supposed to earn points/miles. However, FlyerTalkers have reported points being posted for certain American Express cards.

Bluebirdie used an American Express card on Serve and it posted as purchase and earned points.

What’s the scoop with non-Amex cards and SoftServe?

Additionally, readers report that they are still able to load with non-Amex cards – xeal on FlyerTalk loaded a dollar onto SoftServe from a United Visa credit card.

Have you found that points are posting on certain American Express cards or been able to load SoftServe with a non-Amex?

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