RV rental deals – As cheap as $1 a night plus free fuel!

Posted on April 27, 2015 by in Travel Deals

cheap RV
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What’s the deal with RV rental deals?

One-way RV rentals are booming – the main reason being that there are many sites out there that offer them at amazing prices, because they need that RV in another destination. It’s cheaper for a rental company to lease it to you for a minimal price and even give you a fuel allowance (sometimes even a travel allowance as well) toward the trip instead of hiring someone to drive it to another state. Some vehicles require more than one driver, but any terms are clearly stated as you book.

You may be able to save big on your next trip by driving an RV one way.

The Apollo Relocation List by Apollo Motorhomes is an updated list of heavily discounted relocation specials. Currently, most of the US specials are an amazing $1 a night for a one-way rental, but you also get free fuel for most of them too. You get a certain number of days at the dollar rate, as the company needs the vehicle at its destination by a certain time.

cheap RV

It gets better – one of the specials, a Cygnus RV that needs to be driven from Las Vegas to Denver, is a dollar a night, with all fuel refunded AND you get $100 travel allowance!

cheap rv

What’s the typical cost of an RV rental deal?

When you get to the booking page for the Cygnus deal, it shows that the rental is for two adults, from Las Vegas on April 28th 2015, with drop-off at Denver on May 1st 2015. You can try your own dates too, but it’s more likely that you’ll get the dollar rate on the days shown. The rental fees and charges are as follows:

Cygnus – $1 a night x 3 = $3

Mileage – 850 miles @ 0.40 per mile (just keep your receipts to receive a full refund)

Generator usage – $3 per hour (charged at the end of the rental)

$1,000 bond is applied, based on full prepayment and the full amount is debited from a credit card.  Ouch.

You can choose to pay extra for liability reduction, extra drivers, GPS, baby seats and so on, but if you choose not to, the total rental estimate is $3 (plus the large bond).

Bond aside, this is a steal.

You can also get RV deals with other specialist sites like Cruise America, which often has RV’s at up to 95% off and El Monte RV, which has one-way rentals from $39 a day.

What else do I need to know about the RV rental deals?

Double-check the Terms and Conditions and ensure you will be able to get the vehicle to its intended destination on time. Other than that, it looks like RV one-ways are the new vacay!

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