Orbitz Rewards Orbucks – Get $20 free when you text “FAMOUS” to 50101 before joining the program

Posted on April 21, 2015 by in Hotel deals with Points

$20 in free Orbucks

What’s the deal with Orbitz Rewards Orbucks?

Orbitz are offering $20 in free Orbucks to new members, to use at participating worldwide hotels.

How do I get the Orbitz Rewards Orbucks deal?

Before you join Orbitz Rewards, text the word FAMOUS to 50101 and you’ll get $20 in free Orbucks!

What else do I need to know about the Orbitz Rewards Orbucks deal?

slickdeals notes that it’ll take 4-6 weeks for the free Orbucks to be credited, but with an Orbitz promotion for new customers, you usually get them a lot quicker (and usually to use on your first spend).

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