San Francisco’s best bakery? The Mill Review

Posted on February 6, 2015 by in Travel Deals

The founders of Four Barrel were curious to try out something new and have created The Mill. The concept is a cleaner coffee shop than the original Four Barrel location (which still brews the best San Francisco coffee) and which also offers delicious breakfast and dessert options.

The Mill is a bakery that specializes in artisan breads baked right on location. It is also a coffee shop, but the coffee is not as good as what you get at the original Four Barrel location. It is the same beans, but the process and knowledge of the baristas is just not as refined (in my opinion).

The breads, however, are delicious – lots of different dark and sour breads that have a strong taste. They are usually served as one thick slice (although you can also buy a whole loaf to go) that gets an artisan topping. Cream cheese, Nutella and butternut squash are toppings I have tried there and found hard to stop eating. The only thing that stopped me from eating more was the long line (often out the door).

I like 'The Mill' because the coffee is still some of San Francisco's best, the breads are priced at $4 and you get a filling – a great breakfast and WiFi for under $10 here. That is cheap for SF standards and the quality is fantastic.

I just wish there was a 'Mill' everywhere I travel to 🙂

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4.5 / 5 stars