Is Uber now the cheapest airport ride around?

Posted on February 11, 2015 by in $1,250 bonus for Uber Drivers

Uber has been running UberPool promotions in San Francisco for almost two weeks now and UberPool rides to San Francisco Airport are just $15. I took them a couple of times and was pooled every time with one other rider.

This price beats SuperShuttle, which is $17 from most areas in San Francisco. SuperShuttle rides usually pick up 5-6 different riders and you often end up spending 60+ minutes in the shuttle.

Uber clearly wins as long as prices stay in the $15 range.

Now New York City has joined in and Uber caps the UberPool rides at $36 from JFK. The SuperShuttle rides are $20, so Uber is much more expensive, but again the service and the car you get will likely be much better in an Uber.

It's astonishing how quickly Uber has changed from a great (but extremely expensive) private limo service to an effective contender of public transportation. The company enjoys network effects almost as much as Google did when it first started out.

You can still sign up and get $30 off your first ride.

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