Hilton Employee Discount can save you up to 83% (or even more)

Posted on February 19, 2015 by in Friends & Family, Hilton Honor

We explored the Hilton employee discount more comprehensively last year, so this is an update to show you the kinds of savings you can still make if you happen to be a Hilton employee or are related to a Hilton employee (or perhaps even a friend of one)…

What's the Hilton employee discount?

The Hilton employee discount is an excellent incentive for staff to book Hilton accommodation at a reduced rate – often saving 80% or more on the best available rate!

There are two Hilton employee discount programs – the Hilton Family Travel Program and the Team Member Travel Program. Both programs give employees (and their immediate and extended family) discounted room rates across the Hilton Worldwide portfolio, but the former is more lucrative as you get much bigger savings.

– The Hilton Family Travel Program is for immediate and extended family who are traveling without the employee. Some team members will also give this discount to their friends, as it doesn't seem to state anywhere that familial proof is required!

– The Team Member Travel Program (TMTP) is where the employee is present with family at check-in. We take a look at the savings you can make with this program.

Typical current savings when using the TMTP Hilton employee discount

– The DoubleTree Los Angeles (Commerce) – King room for 2 adults on the 3rd October for 1 night (plus this is a Saturday night stay!) – $39 + taxes

The best available rate if you book on Hilton normally – $152 + taxes (YOU SAVE 74%)

– The Hampton Inn & Suites Denver (Cherry Creek) – 2 Queen beds for 2 adults and 2 children on the 10th June for 1 night – $29 + taxes

The rate if you book on Hilton normally – $179 + taxes (YOU SAVE 83%)

– The Hampton by Hilton Nuremberg City Centre (Germany) – Queen room and sofa bed for 1 adult and 1 child on the 27th March for 1 night – 29 euros (US $33)

The rate if you book on Hilton normally – 75 euros (US $86) (YOU SAVE 61%)

As you can see, if you're an employee of Hilton or an immediate family member traveling with an employee of Hilton, you really can save big on your next worldwide or US hotel booking if you choose to book Hilton.

We only compared rates for three of Hilton's properties and found savings of up to 83% – maybe you can find a bigger discount?

Did you know…

That Hilton also has 'Employee Specials' at participating hotels? You need to log in with your employee account to view them.

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