Embraer RJ145 – The Flight Test

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Embraer RJ145 – The Flight Test

The largest of the ERJ group, Embraer RJ145 aircraft are used to fly regional routes for up to 50 passengers. Depending on ISA temperatures and zero winds, the Long Range version of the Embraer RJ145 can carry a full load of passengers up to 2,873 km, while the Extra Range version can fly up to 3,057km.

We're used to flying in all kinds of aircraft here at MightyTravels. Torsten recently flew in an Embraer from Prague to Amsterdam and last year from Panama to Cartagena too.

With frequent take-offs and landings, quick ground turnaround and a Rolls Royce engine to boot, the Embraer RJ145 seems like a good choice, so we flight test it to see if gets the MightyTravels thumbs up!

The Good

The 1+2 configuration means that everyone gets either a window seat or an aisle seat, which minimizes on-board squabbles ;) This cabin layout wins our approval - especially the whole column of solo seats to one side of the aircraft.

According to one FlyerTalker, seat 12B is the best seat on an Embraer RJ145 as long as there is no-one sat in 12C, and a whole gaggle of FlyerTalkers all agree that a seat in row 12 is the one to grab in advance, for legroom especially.

The Bad

There are countless reports of people experiencing anxiety when flying a smaller aircraft like the Embraer RJ145. While panic attacks can happen to anyone at anytime and on any size aircraft, the Embraers seems to attract more attention. You may want to avoid such aircraft if you're even a little panicked about flying.

The turbulence experienced on any aircraft can be stomach-churning, but more so on a smaller aircraft like the Embraer RJ145, even though Embraer state that they fly above inclement weather to ensure a smooth ride. This FlyerTalker recommends sitting forward of the wing if you are expecting a turbulent ride.

There is no in-flight entertainment on-board an Embraer RJ145, but then flights are not too lengthy for you to get too bored, especially if you take an iPad or book with you.

The Ugly

Not only is the legroom of most of an Embraer RJ145 aircraft a major problem for tall people, it's also a problem for the not-so-tall as well, with reports of cramped legroom making for a tolerable rather than enjoyable flight. You may want to do as FlyerTalkers do and book row 12!

Thumbs Up?

For a short journey, we think the Embraer RJ145 is a good choice, especially if miles and points are paying for the seat. We haven't experienced any problems with Embraer aircraft as yet.

You may want to try and avoid choosing a seat at the rear of the aircraft as that's where the loo is; even on a short flight this can be distracting, especially if you're trying to work.

Plus pick the right row for your height and the right part of the plane in case of turbulence, take a paper bag in case of anxiety and something to read, and you should be OK!


See how everyone can now afford to fly Business Class and book 5 Star Hotels with Mighty Travels Premium! Get started for free.