Brooklyn-style pizza – We taste Lombardi’s and Grimaldi’s pizza just for our readers!

Posted on February 17, 2015 by in TOP Travel Destinations

New Yorkers love to argue about who makes the best pizza, so we check out two of the best pizza places around the city – purely for the interest of our readers πŸ˜‰ – whether they're classed as New York-style pizza or Brooklyn-style pizza eateries.

A Brooklyn-style pizza or New York-style pizza has to be a thin crust – nice and crunchy on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside – with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese and all your favorite toppings and just pliable enough to be folded in half to eat. Sounds simple, right?

Not so. Pizza wars have been raging in New York for years, while residents and tourists alike have been searching for the best pizza pie places…

Lombardi's Brooklyn-style pizza

Lombardi's in Manhattan is a prime contender to the pizza crown. Not only is it easily one of the city's oldest eateries, it's also famed for being the first pizza parlor in the country (even their website name, 'First Pizza', shouts this out). When they opened in 1905, their pizza cost just 5 cents for an entire pie.

Lombardi's make the most amazing looking pizzas with delicious fresh tomatoes and melt-in-the-mouth mozzarella, but the thin crust is the greatest part to start with, as it's dark and crispy on the underside and then soft and doughy inside, thanks to their coal ovens.

Their signature toppings are a pizza lover's dream, but my favorite is the half margherita/half white, while others claim the seafood pizza is the way to go.

Grimaldi's Brooklyn-style pizza

A Brooklyn-style pizza is cooked by coal-brick oven at Grimaldi's, and many tend to say this is absolute pizza heaven and the only place to grab a pie in Brooklyn itself, under the bridge – if you can handle the queues. I see it as great pizza at a good price.

Despite the round-the-block queue, I was served pretty quickly and ate one of the best (and biggest) pizzas ever. It had that coal-oven smoky flavor and a well-browned, crisp crust and I got to choose all of my own toppings.

Grimaldi's keep up with the times too, as they state their dough is vegan, so even non-dairy-eaters can order a cheese-less feast.

Pizza War – Lombardi's or Grimaldi's?

If I had to choose between Lombardi's and Grimaldi's, I really don't think I could. They both make exceptionally good pie, and that's exactly what a New York-style pizza or Brooklyn-style pizza lover wants. I say make pizza, not pizza war, and enjoy different pizza parlors instead of just one!

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