Photo Review – Jerusalem What to do and expect

Written and Published January 13, 2015

Let's face it - Jerusalem gets a lot of bad rep in the news and if you aren't a regular visitor to Israel you can't escape the news of the city's struggle.

However, it's one of those places that will amaze you right away - the mix of perfectly-restored first century buildings that mix in with 21st century skyscrapers and the transport infrastructure is very unique.

The location on a hill makes for lots of scenic valley views.

The city is very well-served by modern buses and trams and there is no need to bring your own car. On my last visit I mistakenly drove past the 'wall' into East Jerusalem and that was scary. No need to put yourself in danger - take the bus.

As long as you stay out of Eastern Jerusalem, the city isn't dangerous and there is no need to be worried about personal safety there.

Israel Museum

I wrote about the Israel Museum in a separate post. I loved it and it fulfills everything I'm looking for in a museum. Take the time to enjoy this museum for a couple of hours.

Museum of Islamic Art

While I haven't been myself, I keep hearing great reviews about the museum. I feel it is certainly worth a visit.

Jerusalem Old City

I've reviewed this impressive hotspot of religion and history twice and I still feel it is underrated. It's one of the best (and mostly free) major tourist attractions in the world.

Yehuda Market

This downtown market place (or souq) has tons of fresh food and snacks. It's a great place to see and to work your way through the region in a culinary way.

What is your favorite part of Jerusalem?

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