access for American Airlines employees

Written and Published December 15, 2014

What's Jetnet?

Jetnet is the American Airlines website - - where employees can access a wealth of information about their employee benefits, including travel advantages, health insurance and pension advice.

How can I get access?

If you want access, then you must be an American Airlines employee, as this website is solely for authorized users.

American Airlines take this very seriously, as can be seen in the Jetnet website usage terms. access for American Airlines employees

Employees can obtain a wide range of information on - access to employee travel privileges included. A big plus of using Jetnet is the ability to place your name on an airport standby list for a flight. Non-rev (non-revenue) passengers are accommodated where available, but this travel perk isn't guaranteed.

American Airlines flight employees are entitled to a wide range of employment benefits and these can all be located on the Jetnet site.

How do I register with Jetnet?

You need to register for the site before accessing the information. You can complete a first-time user registration form here with your AA User ID, which is your Employee Number or Contractor Number.

Flight Service Employees can check out the AA Flight Service through the Jetnet website's private area of the site. Once logged in, look on the right side of the homepage and click a link under 'My Department'.

What else do I need to know?

Being a Jetnet member also entitles you to discounts with other businesses. For instance, you can get free lifetime membership and an employee discount with Corporate Shopping. access for American Airlines employees

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