InnDependent InnCentives – the loyalty program of IBC Hotels and independent boutique hotels worldwide

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Have you heard of IBC Hotels and their loyalty program InnCentives™?

IBC is a worldwide collection of independent, boutique, destination and city center hotels as well as resorts and villas.

InnCentives™ is the boutique hotel loyalty program of IBC Hotels – a global nights-based consumer loyalty program which rewards travelers with free nights.

IBC Hotels isn’t puny – the booking engine and the loyalty program covers 22,000 hotels in 70 countries, with properties in the US/Americas, Europe and the Middle East/Africa.

InnDependent InnCentives™ is structured much like the loyalty program. After 12 nights, the next night is complimentary; the value of this free night is the average rate of the prior 12 nights. The free night is redeemable for a free stay at one of over 20,000 independent properties in 170 countries worldwide.

Free nights are automatically provided at checkout, making booking uncomplicated. A guest can view their stay history and accumulated nights in the ‘My Account’ section of IBCHotels. IBC members can view hotel history and full guest information on the IBC Extranet.

While all bookings need to be done through the IBC Hotels interface and booking engine, select hotels are betas in rolling this out for all reservations for a comprehensive boutique hotel loyalty program.

I did some price comparisons for IBC Hotels as well as and For all the hotels I checked, the websites were comparable and IBC Hotels often a bit lower.

IBC says this is possible due to sharing all customer data with hotels (transparency allowing better customer service) as well as due to the lower marketing commission it charges hotels (10%) which allows the guest’s hard-earned dollars to go to the hotel instead of to a third party.

Other sites charge 15-70% commission and 30% on average. As hotels become focused on customer acquisition costs and working directly with consumers, models such as IBC are a breath of fresh air for both hotels and guests.

IBC members enjoy a simple technological platform incorporating distribution, visual imagery and social media, as well as a portal for guests to stay at their unique worldwide properties with add-ons to enhance their experience.

IBC Hotels shows independent and boutique hotels as well as villas.

IBC Hotels is a great tool if you are booking independent hotels that usually don’t give you access to any loyalty program or if you are not sure you will be back at the same hotel anytime soon, but you still want ‘credit’ toward a future hotel stay anywhere in the world.

Amazingly, IBC Hotels has lower prices compared to many other US-based booking engines – saving a couple of dollars per night and giving you access to a loyalty program you’d otherwise not have.

Disclaimer – This post has been sponsored (in part) by IBC Hotels. Mighty Media LLC receives compensation for this post.


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