Incredibly cheap flights to Asia from San Francisco and Los Angeles, Hong Kong $527, Singapore $676, Shanghai $636, Taipei just $615 and more …

Posted on December 24, 2014 by in Cheap flights

After all these sales to Hong Kong from Vancouver and Atlanta – California gets some love as well.

Los Angeles to Hong Kong on Air Canada is just $527 right now

Cheapoair or

San Francisco to Hong Kong with Air Canada is now a very good $636

San Francisco to Singapore was $536 earlier today, but is now $676 (Jakarta and Surabaya have similar prices on China Airlines)

Cheapoair or

San Francisco to Shanghai can be had for $636 on United

Cheapoair or

San Francisco to Manila is now just $665 on China Southern

Cheapoair or

San Francisco to Taipei is just $615 on China Southern

San Francisco to Seoul is $682 on Air Canada


Cheapoair or

Prices from other US departure airports seem a littler higher. Since there are too many airports and airlines, this seems to be the impact of lower oil prices. Good times ahead!

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