Finding a good PR firm isn’t easy

Posted on December 16, 2014 by in Uncategorized

I'm currently trying to find a PR firm that can help MightyTravels to build a wider audience. I've spoken to a few and shopping for PR is pretty unique.

If you buy a product like electronics, you'll be overwhelmed with features and things a gadget can do for you. This may not be much help to you but it's still part of a pitch.

If you are buying software services, you will hear about happy past clients, scalable software and incredible performance.

If you are shopping for PR, you will hear 'input-based' models – e.g. "I can work for you for 2 days for $" or "Tell me your budget and let me see how much I can work for you".

It's really hard to get anyone to agree on any results or success at all. Maybe I should switch jobs 🙂

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